Some people are curious to know about their diseases and how much they are going to live with their bone cancer but on the contrary some people do not even want to know about their expected survival or life span, suffering from bone cancer. If you are such a person who does not want to identify their survival rate then do not read it further.

 This article is actually about the primary bone cancer which is yet restricted to the bones because if it is secondary (metastatic) bone cancer and have already been spread to the other body organs or tissues then survival rate is not defined and is based on organ involved and patient’s present situation so in that case ask you concerned doctor about your situation and possibly survival rate.

Management of bone cancer is mostly successful. 40% men (40 patients out of 100) men and 50% women (50 patients out of 100) will survive for more than 5 years after the diagnosis of their Primary bone cancer. The successful treatment of bone cancer depends upon several factors but most important of them are given below:

  Grade: In Enneking’s system bone tumors are further graded as G0 to G2.
1.      G0: Benign tumor (Non-cancerous)
2.      G1: Low grade cancer
3.      G2: High grade cancer

If the grade is G0 (benign tumor) or G1 (low grade cancer) it is easy to be cured but if it is G2 (High grade Aboutbonecancer) it is extremely challenging to cure cancer at this stage.
§  Stage: In Ennekings’s system bone tumors, there are 3 stages:
1.      Stage 1: Low grade cancer.
2.      Stage 2: High grade cancer.
3.      Stage 3: Cancer has already been metastasised.

Stage 1 and Stage 2 are further subdivided into A and B.

  100% Patients on Stage 1A survive for the five more years after diagnosis.
 95% patients on stage 1B survive for the five more years after diagnosis.
 60% patients on stage 2A survive for the five more years after diagnosis.
  Only 40% patients on stage 2B survive for the five more years after diagnosis.

·         Statistics for different cancers:

  Osteosarcoma: For osteosarcoma irrespective of the grade, survival rate is 60% for the 5 years.
  Ewing’s Sarcoma: For localised Ewing’s sarcoma the survival rate is 70% for the five more years after diagnosis.
  Chondrosarcoma: For low grade chondrosarcoma the survival rate is 80% for the next 10 years but if it is high grade, the survival rate is only 30% for next 5 years.

·         Reliability of these statistics:

No statistics can predict exactly what is going to happen with you, sometimes the same type of canine bone cancer grow in a different way in different people which is dependent upon many bio psychosocial factors that is why prognosis is different in different people because all patients and their cancer are different from each other. So you need to talk to your Oncologist if you are eager to know about the estimated prognosis.


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